Wig Repair Services

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We made your wig, so we know exactly how to get it feeling just right once again.

One of the perks of providing an end-to-end wig repair service here in Melbourne, is that we have the expertise to make any adjustments and repairs needed – on-site, without delay. You can kiss interstate/international wig services goodbye!

At LC Wigs, we’re here to listen and correct any issues you are experiencing ASAP so that you can go back to feeling beautiful and confident in your wig.

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Adding Hair to a Skin Top Wig

Adding hair to a skin top wig can bring your wig back to life, and often looking almost brand new! We do this by adding each hair with utmost precision. This service is available for wigs made by LC Wigs as well as wigs purchased externally.

Adding Hair to a Lace Top Wig

Adding hair to a lace top wig is a practiced skill and must to be done carefully to maximise the most natural look. The complexity and time required is largely dependant on the condition of the lace and the area that needs to be filled. We recommend that you bring your wig in for repair as soon as you begin to notice the lace balding, before the area to fill in becomes too large.

Lace Wig Repair

The repair of ripped lace is assessed on a case-by-case basis. The possibility of repair depends on the placement of the rip. We will advise you if the lace can be repaired or if it is best to invest in a new lace piece. This service is only available for wigs made by LC Wigs.

Resizing or Amending Cap

Few people are trained in resizing a wig in a seamless manner for the most natural look and fit. This is a skill we have been professionally trained in and take much pride in offering to customers of LC Wigs.

Colouring your Wig

Once we’ve achieved the ideal colour for your wig as part of our bespoke LC Wigs process, colour maintenance is recommended over the lifetime of your wig.

Just like with your bio hair, colour naturally fades or loses tone with regular use and sun exposure. We’re here
when you need us to take the colour right back to its original state, or make any necessary

I can’t tell you how much I love my colour, thank you!- Stacy, client of LC Wigs