Skin Top Wigs

Skin top wigs are for women who want a more durable, robust wig.

We recommend a skin top wig for women who want a more durable, robust wig as they are built with a lot more hair than any other wig style and require less maintenance.


The Benefits
of Skin Top Wigs

The fuller hair also makes them a great choice for a fuller fringe (side or front), or for more height and volume. Skin top wigs have a white scalp-like look down the parting, giving them a very natural appearance. They are also breathable and feel really comfortable.

How we offer the best wigs in Australia

No matter which wig style you choose, we go through the same bespoke process to ensure it feels 100% right, and most importantly, 100% you.

Skin top wigs made by LC Wigs include complimentary customisations. Customisations can include height, volume, addition of baby hairs, and where required, a specific build that keeps the hair out of your face.

Our Wigs

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Help … I don’t know which wig style I need!

The good news is; you don’t have to!

We are here to guide you through the process and help you understand your options. And in our fully bespoke wig service, there are many! Every client we work with is unique.

Together we co-create a wig that meets your individual requirements, from start to end. We’re here to listen and bring your dream to fruition.

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