Why LC Wigs?

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Finest real virgin hair wigs on the market

When hair is chemically processed, the natural properties that are responsible for the organic way hair moves, are stripped out. That’s why we work exclusively with virgin, unprocessed hair, hand-picked by LC Wigs to offer the best human hair wigs on the market. Because there’s no better feeling than a wig that feels and looks just like your own hair. It sits, moves, falls, washes and dries as naturally as real hair – because it is!

custom made

Custom-made locally, from start to end

At LC Wigs, we don’t outsource any part of our wig-making process. Our team of talented wig-makers and stylists tailor every detail of your wig in-house at our Melbourne wig shop; from the texture, colour, hairline,cap size, cut, and any tweaks and repairs throughout your wig’s life. We cut out the middle man so that we can spend more time in the salon with you, getting the perfect fit. The results truly speak for themselves.


A safe space

We understand that hair is a sensitive, vulnerable part of us. We get it – we wear wigs too! LC Wigs is a sanctuary where we welcome women as they are. We respect and maintain your privacy. We are here to listen without judgement and co-create a real hair, natural wig that addresses all of your concerns,
needs and desires.


Co-created with trust

We don’t take your trust for granted. You can rely on us for honest advice, service and transparency throughout. Quite simply, we have a knack for co-creating the perfect wig for the woman sitting in front of us, and we won’t let you walk away until we get it just right. We take you on the journey with us every step of the way, so there are no surprises.

Liron is a creative, an entrepreneur, a homemaker, culinary queen, Mama of two little ones, lover of people and all things hair.

I have always loved hair, ever since I was a little girl. Hair is my canvas – I love seeing the woman in front of me; her beauty, her face shape, her story, and creating a wig that brings her spark back.

- Liron Murdachayev


Liron is on a mission to help more women reclaim their beauty and break the stigma around alternative hair.

Alternative options are all around us. We wear nails, lashes and teeth that are not our own – just to name a few. It’s time to drop the shame around wearing hair that feels better, looks better, and allow us to feel beautiful in our skin again.

- Liron Murdachayev

Let me tell you about how we got here …

In 2014, with my hairdressing experience behind me, I opened the doors to LC Wigs; an end-to-end, full-scope wig service here in Melbourne.

Women like me were seeking a more natural, tailored fit in their wigs – one that felt like their own hair. One that wasn’t so noticeable. Like me, they wanted a wig that allowed them to feel like themselves.

Myself a wig wearer, I was determined to bring my expertise in hair and colour to the wig industry, which was limited in the services and customisations they could offer locally after a wig was purchased.

And so, I went straight to the source. I trained one-on-one with the best in the wig business to upskill and learn the best techniques in wig-making. I wanted to be able to provide a full service to my clients. And I’m proud to say that we do. Nothing is too big an issue or can’t be altered.

- Liron Murdachayev
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All LC Wigs are made and repaired to the highest standard using our best-in-class industrial sewing machine at our Melbourne wig shop.

Liron has looked after over 1000 women like this one since opening her doors in 2014

You did such a beautiful job with it – it sits so much flatter on my head. I’m so happy with it!
- Naomi, client of LC Wigs