Lace Top Wigs

Our workmanship creates the best wigs which offer comfort, lightness and natural appearance

Just like our other LC Wigs products, lace top wigs follow our bespoke process.

At LC Wigs, we sew our lace top wigs by hand, one hair at a time from virgin unprocessed real human hair, making the knots almost invisible to the untrained eye. This method allows for the most natural movement of the hair, and for the hair to be sewn in such a way that it doesn’t fall on the face.

The hairline

A wig hairline can ‘make or break’ a natural-looking wig, and if not tailored for the person, can contribute to the ‘wiggy’ look. Our meticulous lace-top technique allows us to trace a full hairline (such as a widow’s peak), for a more authentic, undetectable hairline.

What you did to the hairline really made it amazing, thank you! - Charlotte, client of LC Wigs

The cap

Due to the delicate nature of the lace, it can ride and create bubble if the lace cap hasn’t been carefully fitted. We take the fit of the cap very seriously, because we know what a difference it can make to the comfort, look and feel of your wig!

I just received my wig, and the cap is now peeeeeerrrfect!
- Abby, client of LC Wigs

All our wigs are made from virgin unprocessed real human hair which means they can be worn, washed, coloured, treated and styled just like your bio hair.

Help … I don’t know which wig style I need!

The good news is; you don’t have to!

We are here to guide you through the process and help you understand your options. And in our fully bespoke wig service, there are many! Every client we work with is unique.

Together we co-create a wig that meets your individual requirements, from start to end. We’re here to listen and bring your dream to fruition.

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